Why James Bond is so appealing to women

Why James Bond is so appealing to women

These are some characteristics that all men will profit from adopting.

Bond is extremely confident and a self-confident man has a lot of sex appeal. Why I say that all men will profit from stuff like Bond's calm demeanor is because when you speak slowly and deliberately in an interview setting, employers are more likely to find you an attractive candidate.

The other thing Bond has going for him which women love is that he is well-educated, knowledgeable  and has the potential to make a lot of money. Add this to the fact that he drives around in an Aston Martin and throws away a lot of dough in casinos and we get a high-roller. But these are the type of men that women want short-term relationships with.

Still, you have to agree that Bond is funny and this is another attractive trait. Humor actually shows intelligence and women love that too. Along with Bond being very masculine and able to survive and thrive, regardless of what comes at him.

I know that a lot of that is fictional, but one thing is not. James Bond actors have been over 6 feet tall and this is very appealing. I was watching Casino Royale with a female friend and she couldn't stop talking about his buff physique. Athletic men bring home the bacon and also the women.

James Bond is so cool and has taught me a thing or two about getting the ladies and also achieving my goals.