Take a lesson from James Bond

Take a lesson from James Bond

Casual attitude toward serious business.

I thought that the usual talk of bonds - financial bonds, that is, was getting a bit boring around here - so I decided to change it up a bit and talk about our favorite agent 007. But I will still keep it within the bounds of business.

I always felt that the James Bond movies really helped me in the way I approached life and investing and business as a whole. I guess a lot of people agree with this and it should come as no surprise. But a New York Times article appropriately titled “Why C.E.O.’s Need a Dose of James Bond” that confirmed this notion really hit home.

The way James Bond goes about his business - which is often very serious and involves ‘saving the world’ – in a casual manner is actually a good business lesson for all the people who get stressed out or overwhelmed with pending projects and tasks that have not been finished.

I especially liked Sean Connery as James Bond and even Daniel Craig fits the bill really well. My favorite movies were Diamonds are Forever and Goldfinger. On the subject of Goldfinger, even the villains in the James Bond movies are great role models for people looking to succeed at a high level in life even as sinister as they and their plans may be.

The point is that Bond always had a good time even during crises. He made sure to relax every night by having a drink and also go out on dates with those voluptuous females that make Bond movies such must-sees. This is an important lesson. Everyone has to enjoy themselves because tomorrow is really not guaranteed and when you're chasing big things, there will be times of misery and you will then have to put things in perspective.