Review: Skyfall

Review: Skyfall

James Bond: Skyfall is garnering excellent reviews including this one.

I was able to catch Skyfall on the big screen. I usually watch movies at home and this was a break from tradition because of a Bond movie that was worth a four-year wait.

I really did enjoy the movie with its action, sex and espionage that epitomizes Bond films. However, a lot of the high praise by critics that it is one of the best Bond films ever remains to be seen. I suppose when I watch Skyfall for a second time I will be able to appreciate some of the finer points of the film.  

I suppose the rave reviews are gathering steam from the record-breaking box office numbers.  The film has made $427 million as of November 8! But is box office draw the best way to measure a movie's success?

I, for one, thought that there were too many scenes like the bike chase and the train-top tussle that was a little too far-fetched. Still, the Bond movie was good enough to make most movie-goers very happy. The opening credits with the song by Adele really set the tone for a one-of-a-kind Bond experience.

Craig's depiction of Bond has been rather different and in this his third James Bond movie Daniel Craig is looking a rare emotional side of 007 not explored in previous flicks.

There was talk that Sean Connery was considered to play the Scottish gamekeeper Kincade. Albert Finney did a fine job in the role, but I couldn't help but wonder the splash that would have been created it Connery were to have made a cameo in this film.