London 2012: The Queen makes movie debut!

London 2012: The Queen makes movie debut!

The opening ceremony saw the Queen make her acting debut in a spoof James Bond sequence

The London Olympics gives me yet another reason to talk about James Bond this week and I could not be more delighted. The Queen and James Bond star Daniel Craig were part of the classic British opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games that cost an estimated $54 million.

James Bond escorts The Queen to the London 2012 Olympic Games - BBC

I don’t think the video by the BBC above works in the United States, but I included it here anyway. This link should give you a chance to take a look at the very entertaining video of the Queen’s movie debut.

They were part of a ceremony that included Jetpacks and the Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort too. The Queen actually has a great sense of humor and is known to crack a joke to ease the nerves of some guests. The Queen has also been to premieres of two James Bond movies – Casino Royale that starred Daniel Craig and Die Another Day that starred the previous Bond, Pierce Brosnan. Additionally, in 2007, she visited Pinewood Studios that is a set for the James Bond movies.

But the part where the Queen and James Bond skydive into the Olympic stadium – stunt doubles of course – was my favorite part of the whole Danny Boyle production. The other scene I liked of the two was when the Queen addressed Daniel Craig in Buckingham Palace with that eminent greeting “Good evening, Mr. Bond.”

I have been finding it rather difficult to get a link online to the entire opening ceremony, but I thought I will leave you today with some pictures of the ceremony. I hope you enjoy them!